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Anasounds Sliver Optical Tremolo Pedal

Anasounds Sliver Optical Tremolo Pedal


The Anasounds Bitoun Fuzz is an octaved double fuzz pedal that was created in collaboration with guitarist Julien Bitoun.

The Bitoun Fuzz is a must have for all fuzz pedals enthusiasts. This truly unique pedal combines two pedals into one: The Anasounds Feed Me Fuzz and a circuit based on a Univox SuperFuzz. 

Like all Anasounds pedals, it is handmade in France with high quality components and features a laser engraved bamboo veneer set on a die cast aluminum enclosure. To say it is visually stunning is an understatement.

Tweak your tone to your heart's content with a combination of internal and external controls. 

External Controls:

  • Output: The unmarked knob on the left controls the output volume.
  • Tone: The unmarked knob on the right allows you to shape your tone. 

Internal Controls:

  • RING_F: Blends the octafuzz into the signal.
  • FUZZ 1: Blends in the amount of the Feed Me circuit.
  • FUZZ 2: Blends in the amount of the SuperFuzz circuit.
  • BIAS: Adjust how the transistors work in the circuit. Can add a noise gate effect or increase sustain.
  • FEED: Acts as a trim pot for your guitar input into the preamp of the effect. More Feed means more sustain.
  • LIGHT: Controls the brightness of the LED when the pedal is on. It is not recommended to keep at 100%.


  • Power Consumption: 4.4 mA
  • Input Impedance: 85 kΩ
  • Output Impedance: 22 kΩ
  • Power Supply: 9v DC, Negative Polarity
  • True Bypass


  • 120x66x59mm
  • 275g


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