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Anasounds Bumper - Buffer / Pickup Garnish

Anasounds Bumper - Buffer / Pickup Garnish


Long cables and impedance variations between your pedals have been known to deteriorate your tone. To clean up your sound and get the most out of all your pedals, consider adding the Anasounds Bumper to your arsenal. 

The Anasounds Bumper has been called the "tone savior of your pedalboard." It is a buffer and pickup garnish that will recover the true sound of your guitar, avoiding line losses and adapting impedances between pedals. The three way switch allows you to transform the tone of your pickup without adding noise. Place this at the front of your pedal board to enhance the sound of your entire rig. 

The three way switch allows you to set your pickup resonance. 

  • In the middle position, you recover the true, clean sound of your guitar, as if it were plugged directly into your amp.
  • In the top position, you will find a moderate amount of resonance in the high-mids. This can help tame down a guitar with very bright pickups. 
  • In the low position, you will find an increased resonance in the low-mids. This is where you find the "Anasounds Brown Sound."

The Anasounds Bumper takes up very little space on your board, measuring approximately 2"x2" square. 


  • Power Consumption: 3.9mA
  • Input Impedance: 355 kΩ
  • Output Impedance: 120 Ω
  • Power Supply: 9v DC, Negative Polarity


  • 50x50x45mm
  • 120g

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