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D'Angelico Deluxe Bob Weir Bedford Electric Guitar w/ Case


The Deluxe Bob Weir Bedford is the first presentation of a signature model solid body from D'Angelico, cementing their position as a modern innovator in the world of guitar. Designed for maximum versatility and tonal exploration, this Bedford model sports two stacked Seymour Duncan P90s in the neck and bridge position, while a Lollar Blonde single coil is placed in the middle position. A 5-way pickup selector allows for strat-inspired pickup positions; lending you to Bob Weir's later tones achieved on his custom built Hoeg Stratocaster. Bob Weir has notably played various Ibanez Artist models, custom guitars from Modulos, some Fender strats, and a handful of Gibson ES-335s, but this new model from D'Angelico reaches tonal worlds he never had access to before, all the while covering familiar sounds we all know Bobby for. A Volume, Tone, and Blend knob sit next to the pickup selector; the Blend knob allows you to blend in whatever pickup is not currently selected; a unique feature to say the least. The Volume and Tone knobs are both equipped with a push/pull function to split each of the stacked P90s into single coils, another explorative, and versatile feature that makes Bob's new signature unique. The Deluxe Bedford encapsulates everything that makes Bob Weir special; it's a complex, dependable instrument, with a never ending depth of sounds that mirror the endless hours of recorded Grateful Dead music.

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