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Ibanez WB200C Bass Case

Ibanez WB200C Bass Case


    Ibanez bass cases have always been ideal for players who want to transport their precious gear safely with road-tough protection but also require a lighter case. The rugged shell of the WB200C is ideal for protecting your bass guitar when travelling from the common threats such dents, scratches, dust and water. Bassists can safely secure and then transport gear such as Ibanez solid body electric basses, left-handed model guitars and other bass gear.

    • for SR, SRX, BTB, ATK and Left-handed models


    • Exterior Length - 1260mm
    • Exterior Width - 380mm
    • Exterior Depth - 105mm
    • Interior Overall Length - 1230mm
    • Interior Lower Body Length - 595mm
    • Inner Middle Length - 225mm
    • Inner Top Length - 370mm
    • Inner Swell Width - 325mm
    • Inner Top Width - 345mm
    • Inner Head Width - 345mm
    • Inner Bodyhollow Depth - 60mm
    • Weight - 6.3kg

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