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Danelectro Baby Sitar - Tobacco Sunburst


Get back…to the delicious tones of the 1960’s! Sizzling good tone!  

The Baby Sitar is a unique instrument, with a deceivingly guitar-like construction and tuning; one would wonder why it shares a namesake with the traditional Indian instrument. With the Sitar bridge from Gotoh this instrument from Danelectro resonates, vibrates, and sounds just like the real deal. Check out the picture below where you can see the bridge-its making more contact with the string, what the does is allow the Baby Sitar to recreate the sound of the sympathetic strings on a traditional sitar. Danelectro have created something genius here-it's affordable, authentic in sound, and is instantly playable for any guitarist due to its similarity to traditional electric guitars. An amazing studio tool? The dream instrument for a George Harrison fanatic? Or is it just loads of fun? You decide!

  • Round body shape
  • “Thermometer” headstock shape
  • 6 strings tuned like standard guitar
  • Scale length: 24.75″
  • Number of frets: 21
  • Gotoh sitar bridge
  • 1 lipstick® pickup
  • 1 master volume
  • 1 master tone

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